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About the Project

Leveraging on the blockchain technology, Land LayBy is building a trusted shared distributed ledger for recording land buying and selling transactions that can never be altered, corrupted, forged or replicated in error. This blockchain redefines the way people invest in real estate properties. Real estate transactions can then be conducted digitally with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or using their own currencies. People interested in trading bitcoins can use the automated Bitcoin lifestyle krypto software, which automates all trading with the help of algorithms that work in the background to monitor market data completely.

Land buyers all over the world face land acquisition challenges from the lack of reliable information about the land they are interested in acquiring. In addition, corruption in the current land registry systems undermines the provision of basic services with many recorded cases of bribery and extortion, coupled with official indifference when seeking redress from authorities. Besides real estate industry, blockchain is also embraced by the growing property sharing community. Investing in cryptocurrency makes the process of buying property a simpler task as it is as well backed by blockchain technology. Referring to this guide on nettmegler helps new investors to make a quick decision on choosing the best online broker for buying cryptocurrencies, CFDs and other commodities.


Token Information

  • Token name: Harambee Token (HRBE)
  • Token Price: 0.70 USD
  • HRBE Pre Sale Start date: September 1, 2018
  • HRBE Pre Sale End date: Mar 31, 2019
  • HRBE TDE start date : To Be Confirmed
  • HRBE TDE End date: To Be Confirmed
  • Token Amount : 500M (500,000,000).
  • Maximum Tokens Distributed via TDE : 100% / no additional tokens to be generated
  • Minimum Token Purchase : 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Token Purchase : 50,000,000 HRBE
  • Eligibility: Open to all, except residents and/or resident entities of USA, The People’s Republic of China , Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea
  • TDE Smart Contract: Smart Contract

Token Sale Distribution Information

  • 262,500,000 Reserved for producers (26.25%)
  • 200,000,000 Pre Sale tokens (20 %)
  • 300,000,000 Main Sale Event (30%)
  • 237,500,000 Team Reserve (23.75%)

Token Distribution

Funds raised will be used to complete further development, management and maintenance of the Land LayBy Land & Land Products blockchain and fund an expanded team of experts to support the Company’s global expansion strategy.

  • Development and R&D; (41 %)
  • Operation Human Resources (26%)
  • Office & Professional Expenses (6%)
  • Partners (2%)
  • Buffer (7%)
  • Marketing (18%)

Team Member

Global Team

Dr. Peter Tole


Phyllis Tole


David Njuguna

Business Compliance Advisor

Victor Asoyo

Business Advisor/ Founding Director

Dr. Lucy Muthoni

Chief Quantitative Analyst

Raymond Kaniu

Chief Strategy Officer

Pravin Tambe

Project Manager

Vignesh Iyer

Blockchain Architect

Vijayta Bhatt

Lead Blockchain Developer

Priyanka Pareek

Blockchain Analyst

Kenyan Team

Daniel Kagwi

ICT Officer

Eric Kinyungu

Business Compliance & Development Advisor

Gideon Ng'etich

Blockchain Business Development Executive

Janephoebe Awuor


Lewis Karanja

Brand Manager

Lucy Maina


Linda Kilwake

Customer Relationship Manager

Maria Ruchiu

Operations and Logistics assistant

Ghana Team

Isaac Dzakpata

Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Opoku

GIS Officer

Richard Otoo

Consulting Geologist at Flint Resources

Sylvester Se-edzi

Sales & Marketing

Victoria Aidoo

Data Analyst

U.K Team

Kimani Ndungu

Fintech Consultant

Daniel Kungu

Technology Consultant

Advisory Team

Daisy Munene

Legal Advisor in Kenya

David Coleman

Legal Advisor in Australia

Bogdan Fiedur


Dan Litwak

Cyber Security Advisor

Road Map

  • September 2014

    Centralised Land Options & Land products Trade in Kenya

  • Australia
    October 2016

    Subsidiary offices for distribution of offshore land products that are located in Developing Countries.

  • Ghana
    May 2017
  • London
    July 2017
  • New York
    August 2017
  • October 2017

    ISO Certification

  • September 2017

    Incorporation of Blockchain & Devlopment of MVP

  • March 2018

    MVP development

  • September 2018

    PreSale Token Distribution by invitation only Trading Platform & incorporation of Ethereum Smart contracts

  • October 2018

    To Be Confirmed

  • December 2018

    Recruitment of additional blockchain Engineers. Rapid Development. Development of Multiple jurisdiction processes.

  • May 2019

    Alpha version Core features

  • November 2019

    Beta version open to the Community Advanced features

  • May 2020

    Global Scaling


Who is Land LayBy Technologies?

Land LayBy Technologies is a fintech Company incorporated in Kenya and Australia in 2018. The Company offers blockchain technology solutions to a flagship of Real Estate Companies located in Kenya, Ghana, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. These sister Companies offer solutions to land acquisition problems in developing Countries. Our vision is to assist in acquiring land through innovative low risk products.

What's Land LayBy’s unique offering?

Land LayBy Kenya is the pioneer in solving land acquisition problems in developing Countries through innovative land purchase contracts in the form of Land Call Options and/or a combination of Land Put/Call Options. Through its fintech arm, it provides a transparent and secure land transactions ledger, backed by blockchain technology, which presents a compelling value proposition to migrants and citizens of the developing countries alike.

What is a Token Distribution Event (TDE)?

TDEs are mechanisms by which companies can presale access to their software and/or products via blockchain technology that uses smart contracts. In exchange, participants get access to ongoing projects. Participation in the TDE also allows certain individuals like advocates/legal practitioners/real estate agents etc to be directly involved in the solution building process, where they will get rewarded for validating land transactions or penalised for any misconduct in the course of validating the land title and land transaction.

What is a HRBE token?

It is an Ethereum based ERC 20 compliant utility cryptocurrency that will be used to access the Land LayBy Blockchain platform.

What does HRBE stands for?

HRBE stands for Harambee, a swahili word that denotes community effort and will be the symbol for the token.

Who is eligible to participate in the token generation event?

The Harambee Token is offered by Land LayBy Holdings Inc, an International Business Company incorporated in Seychelles. Anyone can participate in the HBRE token distribution event, except citizens and/or residents of the United States of America (USA), The People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Australia & Kenya. Please read carefully the terms of the token sale agreement for further information to avoid legal disputes. ( Token Sale Agreement) This list is subject to increase since we are soon getting an internal business law expert opinion

When will the HBRE token sale take place?

HRBE Pre Sale Start date: September 1, 2018HRBE, Pre Sale End date: Mar 31, 2019". Main TDE is to be confirmed

Is there a specific wallet to be used to store HRBE?

HRBE is an ERC20 token and can be stored in any ERC20 compliant wallet.

How do I check my HBRE tokens on My Ether Wallet?

Log into follow these instructions:
In your myetherwallet choose the option: "Add custom Token"
  • ETH address: the eth address you received during the contribution process
  • Symbol: HBRE
  • Decimals: 18

Are tokens to be transferred immediately to purchesors?

No.Tokens will be transferred 30 days after the TDE is complete i.e. 30th November 2018 or the later of. Depending on the software development process, the TDE dates are subject to change without prior notice.

Is there any lockout period for the tokens?

In order to control and manage liquidity of tokens, tokens acquired during the presale event will be subjected to some form of restriction. Restriction rules for certain Pre-Sale Token participants purchased at Bonus rates will be subject to a special restriction schedule to support a stable pricing environment when the token is distributed after the TDE. The restriction period commences on the date of distribution and not on the date of purchase. Distribution is scheduled for 30th NOVEMBER 2018, or a month after the TDE or the later of.

What is the incentive for the supporters?

Early supporters will enjoy token bonuses and discounted prices, detailed out as follows:
  • 10% off discount Bonus of 9:1 HRBE
    Pre-TDE Sales for a minimum of USD 100,000 per transaction. minimum of USD 100,000 per transaction.
    (For every 9 HRBE purchased, a total of 10 HRBE are realised. Every 9 HRBE purchased earns another 1 HRBE in discount.)
  • 5% off discount Bonus of 19:1 HRBE
    Pre-TDE Sales for amounts more than USD 10,000 but less than USD 100,000 per transaction
    (For every 19 HRBE purchased, a total of 20 HRBE are realised. Every 19 HRBE purchased earns 1 HRBE in discount.)

A total of only 200,000,000 HRBE will be sold during Private & PreTDE sale. This figure includes both the 10% & 5% discount.

  • 2.5% off discount – The first week of the TDE Bonus of 39:1 HRBE.
    (For every 39 HRBE purchased, a total of 40 HRBE are realised. Every 39 HRBE purchased earns another 1 HRBE in discount.)
  • Last 3 weeks of the TDE , HRBE will be sold at USD 0.55 per HRBE Token

Which currency are you accepting?

We are accepting Ethereum (ETH). Participants can also use Bitcoin and other Altcoins through third party softwares integrated with our TDE platform.

How many tokens are available for distribution during HRBE token distribution event?

500M (500,000,000).

How are the tokens distributed?

  • 262,500,000 HRBE: Reserved for rewarding the Producers (Advocates, Real Estate Agents etc)
  • 200,000,000 HRBE: Presale Tokens
  • 300,000,000 HRBE: Main Sale Event
  • 237,500,000 HRBE: Team Reserve (Distribution to the team, developers, participating, companies).

Is there any explanation for the token distribution?

The White Paper details the mathematical arguments and methodologies used to derive the distribution using universal models.

How much does 1 HRBE token costs?

USD 0.70

Where can I find more information about the Token sale?

How to

HRBE token is an ERC20 compliant token. To participate in HRBE token generation event, you are required to have a corresponding ERC20 compliant web or app wallet. Wallet is the space that you use to store your private keys (Unique Addresses). To interact with basic smart contract functions like transfer of tokens, you need the private keys.

NB: You cannot participate on any Ethereum based token sale from a Cryptocurrency Exchange wallet. HRBE token sale is not endorsing any wallets. The following are the most commonly used ERC20 wallets.

  • MyEtherWallet (No Download Needed)
  • MetaMask (Available on Firefox and Chrome browsers as an addon and a plugin respectively.)
  • Mist (Requires download)
  • Parity (Requires download)
  • ImToken (This provides App wallets. Available for iPhone and all phones running Android)
  • Trust
  • Cipher

After you have set up your preferred wallet, you will need to have funds in your wallet. The funds are in form of ETH or BTC. If you don’t have any Ether or Bitcoins, you can exchange normal currency for them at a cryptocurrency exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange will require you to open an account with them, where you will transfer the fiat currency (USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, KSH) in order to get market equivalent of the same either in Bitcoins or Ether. Your BTC or ETH will be sent to an online wallet that will be provided to you by the exchange. It is strongly advisable not to keep amounts in the exchange wallet due to security concerns. Again you cannot participate in the token generation event using cryptocurrency exchange wallet. Send the cryptocurrency to the ERC20 compliant wallet that you created earlier.

Now you are fully equipped to participate on the HRBE token sale

TOKEN Escrow Yes Private Sale/Presale funds are held in escrow to be released on an as-needed basis matching the Land LayBy roadmap. Funds will be moved to cold storage, with physical key access at a secure banking location, with keys held by two authorized executives (CIO and CFO).
ISO Certification Yes Land LayBy products have been ISO Certified by the Bureau Veritas ensuring quality in all our dealings with our clients.
Legal Team Yes Land LayBy has retained a compliance law firm, Nduta, Munene & Komu Advocates, to assure we remain compliant with regulations in Kenya
Patent Pending System Yes Land LayBy is currently patent pending App.No KE/P/2018/002792 Title of Invention : Asset Transaction System & Method (App. No. KE/P/2018/2792).
KYC and AML Compliance Yes Land LayBy will retain necessary information to remain compliant as token holders redeem token for land-related services. A Token Sale Agreement is available for all purchasers of the HRBE token, and subsequently, to all users of the Land LayBy Listing Platform
Usability Token Yes HRBE token is fully usable on the Land LayBy Listing Platform, and does not pay dividends or provide voting rights. The HRBE token is usable in all locations where it can be purchased.